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Brian Alan Furer

Mobile:  720-251-0778


Twitter:  BrianFurer

Instagram: BrianFurer

Model Mayhem # 3073514



Age:  40                                                                                                 Ethnicity:  Caucasian

Height: 5’10”                                                                                        Skin:  Fair or Tanned

Weight:  205 lbs  (190 lbs on NPC Stage)                                        Chest:  44R

Hair: Brown/Shaved                                                                            Pants: 31Waist 30 Inseam

Eyes: Brown


Film Experience:

1999 – Victor Vidal – Filmmaker from Barcelona, documentary style fictional piece in which I spoke & “punched out” the main character.

2011-2012 – Bob Berg, Berg Imaging, Inc – Full length film, “Misogyny”. I played the role of main character’s “drunk and detached” father.

2014 –  Bob Berg, Berg Imaging, Inc –  Main male role in “Enhanced”, 30 min short, action/drama/sci-fi.  Encompass emotional scenes, lovemaking scene, kung-fu choreographed fight scene.

2015 – Upcoming – Full feature film, action/horror. Lead Male Role (Non disclosure signed)


Life experience & talents lending to acting proficiency:

  • Bodybuilding (sponsored NPC Physique competitor)
  • Army Infantry– military etiquette & weapons expert
  • Semi Pro Football
  • Tae Kwon do, some Muy Thai
  • Event production & announcing, public speaking
  • Sales, Sales Training, Management & Leadership
  • Modeling (example:, Max Muscle Sports & Fitness Magazine)
  • International accents & impersonations

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